UOX3 Data definitions

UOX3 uses a consistent manner in which all text data is described.  Data follows the format:

Comments are distinguished by the identifier "//". Any text following the identifier on the line is ignored  KEY is a description to the server on what function the following section serves.  TYPE is the subject that the description acts on (describes the "type" of the section).  And ID is a unique identifier for that section of type TYPE.  Unknown keys/types are ignored by the server. 

Tags are markers identifying different data elements to the server for a given section.  Unknown tags are ignored.  A tag can be multi valued. If multi valued, the separate value items are marked by the "," separator.  If no value is required, then the = is not present.  A @ in the value, indicates the value represents a section ID (The section type is dependent on the tag itself)

KEYs -- Valid keys recognized by the server

TYPEs -- Valid types recognized by the server